8 Luxury Watch Brands You Have to See for Yourself

A watch is one of those timeless, versatile pieces that never goes out of style. It’s one of the few things that anyone can accessorize with to their heart’s content, designed for the most basic, practical use, and yet an eye-catching statement piece when crafted by thoughtful hands. You can show it off on only very special occasions or display it confidently during your everyday affairs. Watches come in enough styles with all levels of class and sophistication that everyone can find the design that fits their tastes perfectly. Of course, with a huge market comes some luxury brands worth exploring. Here’s the top watchmaking brands you have to know about if you’re ever planning on becoming a true watch connoisseur.


Patek Philippe

A true Swiss classic, Patek Philippe luxury watches are expertly crafted and beautifully designed for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a simpler timepiece to complement your casual work attire or an elegant, flashy watch to exhibit with your finest apparel, this brand is top of the line. Their collections are bursting with numerous options and “grand complications” that suit anyone’s timekeeping needs — be it the month, day, date, or moon phases. Not to mention their unique and striking art deco style watches that are sure to become that sleek, chic accessory you were missing.


Audemars Piguet

Like many of the others, Audemars Piguet makes a watch for every moment of every day that will make your friends green with envy, but nothing speaks to their impressive craftmanship and creativity like their Haute Joaillerie collection. This set contains one-and-only pieces you have to see to believe: geometrical masterpieces contrived with the most riveting designs you can get lost in just by looking. A true combination of art and engineering, these timepieces represent the heart of Swiss watchmaking.



This might be a brand you weren’t expecting to see on this list, but ever-evolving technology has paved a road for big tech companies to join the luxury watches race. The Apple watch is only limited by your imagination. With access to countless apps, this watch series condenses all your technological needs into the smallest computer yet, and all only a swipe away on your wrist. They come in all sorts of styles, from classy to colorful and fun, and their always-on display and touchscreen make them a win for every generation. They’ve especially gained popularity for their heart-monitoring and health features.


Lange and Söhne

From classic leather bands to elegant slender dials, A. Lange and Söhne makes luxury watches with beautiful symmetrical faces. Home to original German engineering and design, you can’t go wrong brandishing one of these stylish pieces.



Another Swiss beauty, Jaeger-LeCoultre creates only optimum handcrafted luxury watches. With fine, detailed engravings and endless strap options, you’ll have no trouble matching a watch from one of their many collections to your personal taste in fashion. You can take your pick of materials to work with, from stainless steel and pink gold to white gold and platinum — just don’t get too carried away in all the fun.



Ever felt like you’ve had to sacrifice fashion for your love of sports and all things outdoors, or vice versa? Well, Alpina has the perfect solution in a marriage between the two that sacrifices none of the style and keeps all the brilliant mechanics. If you want the high tech of the Apple watch but with a classic timepiece look, Alpina is the place to look. Its collections include watches that are magnetic-resistant, water-resistant, anti-shock, and that can record distance and altitude.



Omega luxury watches are all about drawing attention to themselves, and, by default, their owners. With visually appealing faces (some with maps that look like they’ve been taken straight from Google Earth) and deep, engaging colors, Omega watches are engulfing to the viewer. Their stylish frames and classic numerals complete the look, and you’d be happy to wear any of these watches just about anywhere.



Focusing on professional and classic, a Rolex luxury watch would be an exemplary addition to any personal collection. They’ve engineered watches specifically for racing professionals at Daytona and watches for the everyday working man and woman. They have gem-set watches perfect for any diamond lover and impressive waterproof watches meant to plunge down into the ocean’s depths. Rolex loves to create watches with specific groups in mind, like the traveler and the diver, which makes it much easier to narrow down your choice to a single stunning piece. No matter your passion, you’re bound to find a gorgeous watch worthy of your style and profession here.

With so many luxury watches available from all over the world, it can be a challenge just to start looking for your first, or next, one. Fortunately, you have all the time in the world, and you can use it to carefully select your newest bold statement accessory.