A Starter’s Guide to Men’s Professional Watches

If you’ve never given much thought to buying a watch before, you might be surprised to know that a lot of time and consideration can go into picking the right one for you. Buying an elaborate and exceptional watch is more of an investment than a simple purchase, and you’ll want to have it right so that you don’t wish you’d bought a different one later. Before you start, you might consider what kind to look for. Are dress watches the right move, or do you want the more complex field watches? Here’s some basics to get you out the door and into the store quicker.


Style is incredibly important in the watch industry, and this doesn’t necessarily mean the design or fashion statement a watch makes (though that’s certainly a part of it). Style refers to the profession the watch is tailored to aid the most. If you scroll through Rolex’s collection, you’ll notice that it’s split into sections based on lifestyle, such as racing and diving. When you pick a watch, you need to think about where you want to use it and if its main purpose will go beyond general timekeeping.

Dress Watches

The simplest of the simple and with class to go along with it, dress watches are all about appearance. They come with a sense of sophisticated style that is meant to complement a certain outfit, particularly a suit and tie for the working man. These watches frequently don’t have second hands because keeping exact time isn’t their main function. They’re often simple in design because they aren’t meant to be flashy statement pieces but appropriate for high-end work.

Dive Watches

These are all about underwater exploration. They should be able to withstand immense pressure beneath ocean depths and keep all the water out. A general rule is that they are water resistant up to about 100 meters below the surface. A key component is their accurate timekeeping, which can mean the difference between a successful dive and disaster. The watch casings are built tough and durable to endure the harsh saltwater environment.

Aviation Watches

Aviation watches come in all kinds of styles, so you may have a wider variety of choices when it comes to choosing a design you prefer. Their main function is accurate timekeeping, with ways to quickly reset the time if necessary. They often have a small chronograph and are easy to read in poorly lit environments. In the modern age of advancing technology, you can get an incredibly complex aviation watch with all kinds of additional instruments.

Field Watches

Meant to survive the worst of the worst, field watches are all about durability. They’re often made of the toughest titanium or steel, or in a PVD-coated case to protect the fragile inner workings. Bright numerals on a black face make them easy to read with minimal light, and their simple bands can easily be replaced if damaged.

Whether you’re looking for simple dress watches to wear to work or bold aviation watches to hit the skies, there is no shortage of options. You can keep your style and complement your profession in a single fell swoop.