How to Choose the Best Hat for You

As with every fashionable accessory and attire, hats come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and materials for every occasion and personality. Deciding where you’ll be going in your new hat, what you’ll be doing and what environment it will be exposed to are all factors that contribute to what kind of hat to buy. Some hats complement certain faces better than others, and all hats can make a statement that accompanies your style and personality perfectly. Here are some things to consider when thinking about a hat that best suits you.



First, decide where you’ll be wearing the hat to the most. Will it be for casual outings during the day? Or will it become a part of your professional work attire that you want to be seen in as you enter the office? Figuring this out can determine what style of hat to go for.



Hats are available in all kinds of materials for everyone’s individual needs. Consider what you’ll be doing in the hat and if it’ll be exposed to anything that could damage it, like water. Some materials are best for durability and toughness, like leather, while others are known for being lightweight and breathable, like straw. You can get a hat in alpaca wool, sheep wool, cashmere wool, or Merino wool. Some are odor-resistant, flexible and antimicrobial. Choosing the right material could mean the difference between keeping a hat for years or buying a new one again shortly down the road.


Face Shape

Faces come in all kinds of shapes, but they generally fall into one of four categories that can help determine the right hat shape to complement it. Round faces do better with an angular, boxy top. Diamond faces go best with short tops and medium-sized brims. Oval faces prefer a wider brim. Square faces go excellent with a curved hat to balance angular looks.



The brand of your hat can add another aspect to your fashion sense and style, so choosing the right one matters just as much as everything else on this list. Top brands include long-time hat makers from around the world. Bailey, Anderson and Sheppard, and Borsalino are all reputable companies that make only the finest hats.

Picking a hat might not seem like a big deal, but it can actually say quite a lot about you and your tastes. There’s no need to throw such a fun opportunity out the window to experiment with your fashion and add a new accessory to your wardrobe.