The Best Jean Trends to Start Wearing This Spring

Fashion loves to go around and around, whisking in new trends each year and rejuvenating old classics with some modern tweaks. Premium denim jeans are no exception, with revamps hitting the runways by the world’s most chic designers. All that rapid change can be hard to keep up with, and before you know it the jeans in your closet from last spring are looking like a no-go this year. Here’s the hottest jeans trends expected to hit this season so you can be ready to go before the first day of spring even arrives.



Bootcut is officially making a comeback. If you were holding out on your old bootcut jeans in hopes of a rejuvenation, rejoice and dig them out from the back of your closet! With these premium denim jeans, you’ll be the envy of high fashion and ultimate comfort. A bit of a chameleon, you can dress bootcut jeans up or down for most occasions. Aim for a more elegant look by adding hoop earrings and heeled sandals, or just throw on a T-shirt and go.



The epitome of nonsensical fashion to older generations, ripped jeans are here to stay. Fortunately, you needn’t take scissors to your own whole pair of premium denim to create this sassy look. Jeans brands take into account all kinds of tears, and you’ll have no trouble finding a pair that shows off the right amount of skin for you. You can get only slightly worn jeans to denim with gaping holes at the knees. No matter how much rip, you can dress this look up with a blazer and some jewelry.



These past few years, high-waisted jeans have gained a lot of traction, and they’re showing no signs of going anywhere soon. If you love cropped jackets or tucking in your shirts, these are perfect for you. They go amazingly with cropped tops to reveal just the right amount of waist, and you’ll adore sporting them on a warm spring day.



Skinny is back for another year and still going strong. You can get these premium denim jeans with a whole lot of stretch or hardly any at all. They’re excellent for a casual outing at the park or a professional meeting, especially with a sleek blazer to compliment them. Not to mention, shoe choices are pretty much endless with these, from sandals and converse to pumps and boots. The variety makes it easy to create a new style for yourself every day.


Flared and Wide

The opposite of skinny jeans is also in this spring, and they love to hog all the attention. Adding that extra flare to the bottom of your jeans — even more so than bootcut — can put a bounce in your step on a beautiful spring day. Wide premium denim jeans are especially fashionable with a high-waist and pair gorgeously with a simple crop-top.


Vintage and Pleat

You might not have thought this could make a comeback, but pleated jeans, particularly in the front, are high on the list for this spring. If you’ve got premium denim, might as well show it off with a few more folds, right? Since fashion is always circling back around, vintage is now the new black, so dust off your old jeans or hit up a thrift store. Adding a cropped top or a slender V-neck is the modern twist to welcome these classics into a new decade of fashion.

Tips to Remember While Jeans Shopping

  • Body types vary (rectangle, hourglass, triangle, pear, round) and some jeans compliment your body type more than others.
  • Super stretchy premium denim should be able to bounce back to their original form easily without sagging.
  • Jeans shouldn’t be too tight, but it’s normal to have to wriggle into a pair.

Spring is here and your new fashion sense is waiting to be explored! Reach outside your comfort zone and experiment with new premium denim trends you’ve never tried. You might find a new style you absolutely love!