5 Fabulous Ways to Spruce up Your Style This Spring

Winter seems to have trudged by exceptionally slowly this year, but spring will be right around the corner before you know it, and you’ll want to be prepared with your new style to welcome in the blooming season. Fashion is ever transforming and evolving, and there’s no reason your wardrobe shouldn’t go through a bit of a shakeup now and again. Whether it’s adding fancy accessories like designer sunglasses or homing in on the latest color palettes for every outfit, there’s nothing like mixing up your style to feel like a whole new you. Here are 5 great accessories and trends to consider to add a dash of confidence to your step.

Designer Sunglasses

Ever since sunglasses became mainstream as essential protection for your eyes, they’ve become a fashion staple all on their own, going through trends of style with each passing decade. But did you know that certain glasses fit your face better than others? Determining whether you have a round, square, oval, oblong/rectangular, diamond, or heart-shaped face can help you pick out the eyewear that best compliments you. No matter what style you end up on, there’s always the option of upping your game by buying some designer sunglasses, too. Nothing ushers in the spring of a young year like adding some class to your normal style, and besides, don’t you deserve to treat yourself once in a while?

Patterns and Polka Dots

Ten years ago, you might have never thought you’d be sporting a polka dotted dress or a bright floral blouse, but these are hot trends for spring 2020, and for good reason. A beautifully patterned sundress can speak volumes all on its own, and while you might hate it on your wall, these prints can look marvelous as they flutter around you on a breezy day. Or try some psychedelic leggings on one of the cooler days of the season.

Technological Accessories

Technology is present at almost every turn you take these days, and companies have been quick to jump on the bandwagon of smart watches. Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, and others all offer sleek, compact smart watches you can match with any style. Each smart watch comes with its own advantages, so you can choose what best fits your lifestyle, be it a long battery life, an abundance of apps or supreme fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring.

A Splash of Color

It’s springtime! Flowers are blooming, grass is growing, leaves are bursting to fill out the canopy above. The transition from the gray and brown world of frozen winter gives way each year to a new canvas of color, and there’s no reason your fashion sense can’t take a page out of mother nature’s book. Almost anything comes in brilliant, astonishing colors, so why not stand out? You can even find your favorite leather jackets and skirts in blue and green.

A Grand Handbag

Handbags have always been a quintessential accessory for the fashionable woman, and this year bigger is better. Your options range from beach bags, commercial totes and shoulder pouches to fit everything you need for the day — and beyond! Forget making more than one trip from the house to the car with this chic and practical accessory. From denim to leather and a whirlwind of designs, you’ll have no trouble finding a handbag that adds some extra flare to your spring attire.

It’s soon to be a new season ready for a new you. Retailers are already loading up with the spring line, and you shouldn’t be afraid to jump in on the fun. Even if you only buy those designer sunglasses or a smart watch you’ve been craving for a while, they’ll make spring that much more refreshing.