Save Money on Designer Clothes Using These Helpful Tricks

When you’re considering shopping for designer clothes, you might be holding back at the thought of having to shell out large amounts of cash to get them. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. With some clever research and persistence, you can find the high-end fashion items you crave, for affordable prices you never expected. However, who has time to do all that searching and perusing? Well, you’re in luck, because some people have made finding great, money-saving deals a huge part of their shopping lifestyle, and encountering trendsetting pieces is their bread and butter. If you’re in the market for some fresh designer duds and you wouldn’t mind a few helpful tips to get you started, here are some proven tricks for saving extra dough on the expensive brand name items you’ve always wanted.


Hit Up the Off-Season Sales

There’s nothing better than hitting the department stores and grabbing low-priced or clearance items right at the opportune moment. The best time to pick up cheap designer goods is during their off-season, when stores are changing over their inventory to meet the new season, meaning large discounts on their past season’s items. While this can be a perfect chance to prime your closet with the high-end fashion brands you’ve been waiting for, be sure you’re not choosing items that are going to go out of style before you even get a chance to wear them. For instance, if you’re purchasing summer sandals, you’re more likely to be able to stretch a pair of neutral or two-toned espadrilles that can be passed into next season seamlessly. However, a pair of gladiator sandals could already be off-trend. Practical choices can go a long way for upgrading your wardrobe, saving yourself some change without making a meaningless purchase.


Treat Yourself to Flash Sale Sites

These days, it’s virtually impossible to ignore flash sale sites. These fast-paced online hubs such as Zulily, HauteLook and Gilt offer daily deals on designer clothes, which have been passed on from the designer brand to retailers in bulk, to be sold at cheaper prices and shipped from within their own warehouses. Since this gives the designer brand less costs upfront, the items themselves are often heavily discounted for the benefit of the buyer. Thankfully, once you set up an account, you can set up your own personal fashion preferences to suit your lifestyle. This way, you can simply focus on getting notifications once your favorite designers show up during a daily sale — which is important, given that these high-end brand items naturally go fast on the online market.


Learn How to Borrow and Return

What’s better than getting to rent and own all the designer items you want, without having to pay full price for them? Well, perhaps actually getting to own them would be nice. However, this neat and practical idea allows you to wear some of your favorite fashion designers for a special occasion, without having to empty your bank account for something you might only wear or use once. Whether you’re attending prom, a wedding or a fancy work event, you can rent high-end pieces like dresses, heels or handbags simply by booking a date and choosing your item. Once you’re scheduled for the piece, you can have it at your disposal for a certain amount of time before shipping it back, which is generally pre-paid for you and dry-cleaning bills are taken care of, as well.

Shopping for extravagant designer clothes and accessories no longer means having to spend an entire paycheck just to own one special item. With a little experience and know-how learned from putting these helpful fashion tips to work, you can easily wrangle discounted designer goods for your very own, allowing you to enjoy your trendy lifestyle without the hefty price tags.