6 Foolproof Ways to Choose Your Dream Luxury Handbag

A luxury handbag can be so many things to so many people: a fashion statement, a long-term investment, a practical accessory. It can also cost a lot of money, which is why you don’t just want to walk into the store and buy one on a whim without mulling a few things over first. Here’s six considerations to take into account when you’re shopping for your perfect bag, be it Kate Spade, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, or anything in between.


Functional Use

Every luxury handbag is designed with a specific purpose in mind, and you need to decide what you’ll be using your bag for the most. You don’t want to invest in an incredible handbag only to discover it doesn’t fit all your daily essentials, or that there’s so many pockets you can’t find anything in a timely manner. Think about how many things you carry around with you during your day — wallet, makeup, devices. If you have a lot of bigger items, consider a larger pouch bag that can hold everything. If you don’t like lugging your bulky wallet everywhere, try a bag with numerous pockets and nooks where you can organize your credit cards and cash.


Quality Matters

It’s tempting to go for a cheaper luxury handbag than the brand-stamped designer bag with a few extra zeroes attached to its price tag, but that price often reflects the value of what you’re getting. The care that is taken in making the bag and the quality of the materials can play major factors in how long your bag lasts. You might spend a fair amount of money on your bag, but that likely means you’ll have it far into the future.


The Trick to Resale Value

If you’re dishing out the cash for your dream luxury handbag, you’re probably planning on it being a fairly large investment. A great handbag will hold onto its stellar value after long years of use. Quality plays directly into this, as a designer bag that can be easily fixed or still looks new can be sold for a price closer to what you originally paid for it. A bag that easily falls apart won’t get you your money bag.


Material Considerations

Material plays a large role in the durability of your bag and that resale value, so choosing the right one is essential if you want it to pay off later. Leather is incredibly popular because it is so tough and long-lasting. Any scuffs and scratches can be fixed easily and made to look relatively new all over again. However, leather isn’t necessarily the best material for damp environments since it doesn’t do as well with water. You might want to consider another material, like canvas or cotton fabric, if that’s a concern.


Fashion Essential

It goes without saying that the design and appeal of your bag matters a great deal, otherwise you won’t want to ever wear it out. Luxury handbags come in all kinds of colors, styles, patterns, and prints that can make for a shopping heyday, but don’t get too carried away. You want to pick a bag that compliments your normal style. If you prefer dressing in greys and blacks, an eye-popping red polka dotted purse might stand out a bit too much. Kate Spade has a new line of wicker bags that look appropriate for a summer picnic, but make sure your willing to wear it in other settings, too. Added accessories like chains and coin purses are a hit on this year’s runways, but take into consideration that these cute decorations might get easily caught on something or broken.


Body Types

Just as there are all kinds of different handbags for every personality, there are all kinds of body types to match them. When choosing a luxury handbag, think about what compliments your body type the best. What do you like to see when you’re holding a bag in the mirror? Larger bags or incredibly long straps don’t bode as well for petite women, as they can make them seem disproportionately small in comparison. However, they can work exceptionally well for larger women, especially with more angles and symmetry to contrast curves.

Picking a luxury handbag is a completely personal choice, so take the time and care to consider all your options. What’s best for your friend might be completely opposite of what looks amazing on you. Whether you have only one handbag or a dozen, each one should serve a fashionable and functional purpose that makes you excited to take from your closet and show it off downtown.