5 Timeless Perfumes That Belong On Your Shelf

Everyone knows that sense of smell can be a powerful thing. Whether it be the aroma of grandma’s classic apple pie or the favorite cologne of your first true love lingering in the air, a scent can stick with a person because it evokes fond memories that should be cherished forever. If you’re looking for your own iconic scent like Chanel or Dior to become that special perfume that lasts a lifetime, here are five of the most timeless fragrances on the market, any of which should become a new staple in your own home collection.


1. Ralph Lauren Romance

There’s something to be said for an aroma that can invite images of both joyful love and natural splendor, and this designer favorite manages to do just that. Citrus elements like ginger and lemon lend a bit of bright energy to be extra enticing, while a magnificent blend of floral notes such as rose, lotus, violet, lily and carnation create a fairly decadent bouquet. Overall, this uplifting and subtly seductive perfume is just the right accessory you need to add to any sunny, daytime ensemble in an effort to attract that special someone without it being overpowering. As an added perk, it’s also one of the least expensive options on this list, though it never looks cheap with its sleek, clean bottle.

2. Chanel N°5

Whether you knew it at the time or not, you more than likely have come across someone wearing this glamorous fragrance at least once in your lifetime. A classic scent of many women around the world, this vintage perfume has become the iconic look and ideal of what a sophisticated lady’s scent would be. Boasting an assortment of florals like jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang, fruits such as bergamot and peach, and deep aromatics like patchouli and vanilla for a sensual, heady vibe, this spectacular concoction simply screams luxury and high fashion. Chanel has developed a myriad of variations as an homage to its classic scent, but the original remains the true gem of the collection.

3. Miss Dior

A more modern perfume than the previous options, this bright and luminous fragrance aims its beauty towards the newer generation of leading ladies. Bursting with citruses like bergamot, blood orange and lemon, this sparkling aroma has loads of zesty spirit. However, fresh florals such as jasmine and Grasse rose wind down the intensity for an airy, charming and feminine scent you can pair with any ensemble. It’s also dressed in a flirty pink bottle and it isn’t overly-sized, so you can easily carry it in your purse without it becoming an uncomfortable nuisance. While the Dior brand has a plethora of distinctive fragrances, this lighter, simpler option often speaks more to the modern woman than its earlier counterparts.


4. Tom Ford Oud Wood

Though this designer perfume is on the pricier end of this list, this fragrance has proven its worth with audiences everywhere. It’s in such high demand that it’s a rare miracle to find it when it’s not sold out. Given that this rich and robust scent is full of mostly smooth woods like Brazilian rosewood and agarwood (oud), along with exotic spices such as Sichuan pepper and cardamom, it’s definitely a stark contrast to the majority of fruity-floral concoctions on the list. Perhaps this difference is what makes it so unique and alluring. However, with light trails of vanilla and amber thrown into the formula for balance, this daring yet elegant stunner is a great change-up for those who want a diverse array of fragrances in their personal collection.


5. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

If you haven’t heard of this timeless wonder before, you likely have never dealt with perfume in your life. A consistent favorite with the high school and college-age set for years, this fresh Mediterranean fragrance is the ideal summer staple. It comes loaded with revitalizing notes such as apple, Sicilian lemon, bellflower, amber, white rose and cedar to give you that ‘walking along the Italian coast on a warm sunny day’ mentality. The best parts of this majestic scent are the reasonable price and the ability to use this casual aroma any time of day or night for instant refreshment.
When it comes to a great signature perfume like Dior or Chanel, it can be hard to choose your one perfect scent. However, acquiring any of these timeless staples is indeed the perfect start to creating a stellar, classic collection you can be proud to have on your shelf.