Men, Upgrade Your Closets Using These 3 Accessories

When it comes to clothing and accessories, not all men are great at being fashion-forward. Therefore, it’s important for guys who aren’t fashionably-inclined to find key items that are easy to purchase anywhere, that can amplify a wardrobe without much effort, and that remain versatile enough to pair well with multiple outfits. Whether you’re hoping to spruce up your closet with classy designer watches, trendy shoes or a modern pair of sunglasses, you can’t go wrong looking towards any of these three helpful accessory options for guidance in upgrading your look.


1. A Sophisticated Watch

Seeing a respectable business man in a crisp suit often coincides with the visual of him wearing a pristine, high-end watch. These days, despite having plenty of digital devices at one’s disposal to check the time, it’s still a classy option to pair formal or professional attire with a designer watch. Watches come in many styles, including various colors, designs and shapes to suit your personal tastes. They also come at a variety of prices, with the most expensive brands like Rolex, Chopard, Vacheron Constantine and Hublot costing in the multi-thousands. However, for the everyday collector, there are still highly attractive timepieces from MVMT, Armani Exchange and more that offer a dapper look for $100 or less.


2. A Pair of Stylish Sunglasses

Used as more than just a way to protect your eyes from harsh UV-rays, a great set of sunglasses can provide the ultimate style combination of polished and cool. While wearing a pair on the back of a motorcycle generally creates a different image than wearing a pair to and from the workplace, the idea remains the same: using a fashionable accessory to enhance an outfit. Therefore, find a set or two that can easily convert from professional wear to casual wear, or even sporty attire as necessary. Popular options like Ray-Bans or Tom Ford designer lenses can be suitable choices that are both affordable and modern, while the classic aviator trend never runs out of style.


3. A Set of High-Quality Shoes

Just like with watches, a great outfit is never complete until you finish it off with a spectacular pair of shoes. Having one or two pairs for each of many activities is essential, as you’d never want to be wearing muddy hiking boots to a business meeting. Therefore, it’s important to have items like sneakers or hiking boots for sporty activities; loafers for relaxed outings; leather boots for special occasions; and, most importantly, a well-designed pair (or two) of brogues, oxfords or the like for business-ready attire. With so many popular, trusted name brands out there, it’s hard to choose who to favor, but this myriad of possibilities can help refine your looks and make your style more unique to everyone else on the street.

Presenting yourself as a stylish, trendsetting man doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you can find a few prime accessories to help you along the way. Incorporating designer watches, shoes or sunglasses into your wardrobe is a great first step in creating a whole, new you.